OutGrow, OutPlay consignment sale review

24 Apr

This weekend was the Outgrow Outplay sale, as i had previously mentioned in Friday’s post, and I am happy to report back that i made out pretty good!! I made a little over $200.00 after I pay the entrance fee and the commission is taken off. Not too bad. I had around $440 total sales value and I sold $305.50. My goal was to make $150 so doing better than that made me quite happy. The last sale I made just over $100, and next time I will do even better than both these ones I think!

Being an hour away from the sale, its hard to go in one day and deliver, go in the next day to shop and go in the closing day to pick up the leftovers. At around $25 a trip for gas these days, that cuts into my profits quite heavily. This year i did  a shift volunteering on the same day as I did the drop off and that worked quite nicely. I got 2 things for the cost of one trip in. I also choose the donate option for the majority of my stuff to avoid having to go in again on the Sunday.  However, when I had a looked at my unsold inventory and calculated the amount of money on things I could have saved and perhaps sold at the next sale, I think next time I  would arrange for pickup by a friend or go in myself. There was still alot of “good” things that I think may have sold if given a second chance.

I didn’t get a chance to actually shop the sale this time due to scheduling conflicts. I did have a few friends who were able to go in and shop. They chose to go later in the day on Saturday and commented to me that they felt alot of the items were picked over by the time they got there. They also commented that what was left in terms of clothing wasn’t in the best shape. They were very surprised about this, as was I, as I had told them of all the strict guidelines we were expected to adhere to as consigners and the high level of scrutiny we were expected to use as a volunteer. So I guess the message is to get in there early to avoid disappointment, especially if there is something in particular you are looking for.

My volunteer shift was 3 hours long and I will say that both myself, and the friend I was working with, were very tired by the end of that shift. There is a lot of lifting, carrying and walking on the cement from one end of the arena to the other. Near the end of our shift,  our critique had become less that what it was at the start that’s for sure. I am wondering if this may have contributed to the less-than-perfect-condition clothing that got into the sale. Also, if you are not comfortable saying no to people, this can hinder what you accept or don’t accept as a volunteer as well. Although Im not sure what the volunteer schedule looked like, there appeared to be many volunteers, so Im not sure if shortening the shift to 2 hours would help and also encourage more multiple shift volunteering.

All in all, for being only my second sale, I was happy with the results. I did better than the first time and this was the first time i did some volunteering. Because of I was able to see what others had done and what kinds of things other people were bringing in, and that will help make the next sale even more successful for me. I was lucky enough to win the volunteer draw, securing me 75% of my sales at the next sale, so that is a huge incentive and motivation to bring in all I can. I will be starting collection boxes to collect everthing between now and then that we no longer need, use or want.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the sale, whether you consigned, volunteered or just shopped. Its a great way to recycle your gently used items and make some extra money. And any extra money is good money!!


One Response to “OutGrow, OutPlay consignment sale review”

  1. Casandra Robinson April 25, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Please send me a quick email. Appreciate your honest blog very much. Would like to invite you to shop Nepean pre-sale this Friday. Twice the size of Kanata. Think your followers would like your straight up opinion from shoppers perspective. Send me email please : ). Cas

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