10 things Im thankful for this Friday

20 Apr

Here are the top 5 things I am thankful for this week.

  1. Im so happy the Outgrow, Outplay sale is this week. I can see my bedroom floor again and am no longer scared to walk around in the dark.
  2. Im thankful I learned how to break up my posts and add the “continue reading” option.
  3. Im thankful I realized that the fact that my daughter hates tight clothes and tight shoes is not something to drive me crazy, but actually to be happy about. Now i just hope it lasts well into her twenties!
  4. Im happy that Saturday is my 11th Wedding anniversary and to celebrate we are going out for a nice 2 hour long supper with 2 other couples.
  5. Im thankful for the squeals of excitement from my 2 year old when i leave the house and return. even if im only gone for 30 minute i get,  “there’s my mommy, my mommy’s here, yay, yay, yay” lol. Makes me feel like a rock star!
  6. Im thankful i was able to give some solid pf advice to a friend who asked. Her reply was, you should consider doing something in personal finance. omg, she doesn’t read my blog, does she! she took some of my advice and Im excited for her to take control.
  7. Im happy I signed up with Mom central today. thought i had before, but now i realize it was the wrong thing i signed on for.
  8. im happy i have my first button on my blog. I can’t believe i know how to do that. now if only i can figure out how to get google+ on there, Id be even more happy.
  9. Im thankful I reached my goal of 100 twitter followers
  10. Im thankful I stopped the list at 10 things i was thankful for.

Sometimes the weeks go on an on and we tend forget to stop and take note of the little things in life. I hope you all can think of a few things that you are  thankful this week as well.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be back Monday after a busy weekend of mommy daughter dance festival bonding. I’m sure I’ll post about it next week.

Over and out!!!


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