I was going to cancel but…

19 Apr

Awhile ago I decided I had had enough with my credit card. I wasn’t using it often and when I did use it, I just hated paying the bill. I decided it was time to cancel. I called the card company and explained I would like to cancel the credit card. They asked me why, of course, and I explained that I just wasn’t interested in having it anymore. The card has a rather large yearly fee of $120 and this was one of the main reasons it made me uncomfortable. I was paying $10 a month just to have it in my wallet. I explained this to the man. Instead of just letting me cancel the card, to my suprise, he went on to tell me about a different card that had the same points as mine but with no annual fee. He kept going on to tell me they could refund my recently paid annual fee and switch me over to that card if I was interested. Ok? I mean, i wasn’t cancelling because I couldn’t afford it, so now just for calling I gotten had my $120 back and a new card with no annual fee. I could keep it in my wallet for emergency use and it wouldn’t costs me anything. I could take that deal.

Fast forward another 2 months when my satellite radio was up for renewal. Again, I was teetering on not renewing. When i called to see if there were any promotions running at this time, I was told “not at this time”. I decided to go ahead and cancel and resign up in summer if I needed again. Well, surprise, surprise, again. They offered me the yearly rate for half price to avoid my cancellation. Essentially letting me have it for summer when I really use it, with the winter for free. Sign me up!!

The same thing happened when I tried to cancel the home delivery of my newspaper. Again, I was offered a discounted rate for the next 3 months. I said OK and when those 3 months were up, I again called back to cancel. Again I was offered the discounted rate. In this case, I did go through with the cancellation because I just wasn’t using the service so in the end, paying half for something I don’t use is still costing me more than paying nothing.

There are constant discounts being offered to new subscribers and new sign ups, so I say take advantage of that. I’ve even completely cancelled a subscription to get the new sign up bonus. It doesn’t make sense to me why the loyal customers aren’t being offered some compensation they offer to newbies. I understand they need to get people in the door and then do the old bait and switch. However, it really bothers me that if the company can offer those rates to others, they can offer them to me as well.

These companies want our business, especially in these times, and they are willing to do what it takes to keep us as a customer. While I don’t endorse calling all your carriers and service providers threatening to leave unless they slash your bill, if you are on the fence, do tell them that and perhaps there is something they can do to change your mind. Also shop around to see if there is a better rate out there so when they ask why you want to cancel, you can tell them what you’ve found. Chances are they will probably be able to meet or beat that offer just to keep you.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with getting discounted rates.


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