Reasons why routines are important to me

15 Apr

ahh!! i have been falling apart this week. Im not journaling on myfitnesspal. im not blogging, im not doing much of anything. The weather is yucky and dreary and its exactly how I am feeling this week. The kids are out of school for the week and our schedule and routine has been thrown off. The house is constantly messy from having these kids around all the time and cleaning seems like an endless battle that I think I officially have lost.

My #pfworkouts are still happening but they seem to be making me more tired than anything. I haven’t been to the gym for strength training now for one complete month and i am missing it terribly. I need to find a new routine now that Im not working and don’t have that routine anymore. I have been sleeping in till almost 8 o’clock in the morning and at first I thought this was wonderful. But as the weeks go on, I am finding myself more tired than usual and I find I am groggy all day long. I am thinking my body needs about 6-7 hours of sleep and anymore than that has a reverse effect. I honestly have never felt so blah in all my life. Next week I will set the alarm and get up at my old time. This will give me time to write, read and have some uninterrupted blogging time.

I have no projects on the go this week either. Seems impossible to get anything done with the kids home all the time and I didn’t plan anything this week so we would be open to whatever we felt like doing. A road trip for swimming will be on the agenda for tomorrow, I think, seeing as how we could all use a break from the house. Last week I completed the painting and prepped for the sale and was quite busy with that, as well as my baby’s birthday. Next week, when I take a look at the calendar, it picks up again. Meetings, the sale, anniversary supper with some friends and dance competition on the weekend. My life doesn’t get many breaks like what is happening this week so you’d think I could just sit and relax and enjoy it all, but as much as I complain about the hustle and bustle, the busier I am, the happier I am.

Enjoy your holidays everyone, they are almost over!!


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