A dizzying weekend of blog work

9 Apr

I have spent a good part of my Easter long weekend working on the blog. I have made some changes to the site itself in terms of sidebars and colors and widgets. Wow! There is alot to learn about all of that, but I am loving it. I just love that I have made this site from scratch on my own and all the things you can do with it is crazy. I love trying new things and some changes stick and some I think, nope.

I got hooked on personal finance blogs about a month ago, and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE this topic. My immediate goal is to have our mortgage paid off as soon as possible. Unfortunately with my recent layoff, that will now be postponed for a couple of years till we get back on track but its still there. My goal in the meantime is to not acquire any new debt during this time of transition. One of my biggest regrets is not being more aggressive about debt reduction while having that income. I live and learn and I won’t make that same mistake twice. I want to be in a position where when i need to make a big purchase there will be no more option to finance because the money will be in my own bank account to use interest free.

So this weekend, i have spent alot of time reading through the blogrolls of some of the PF bloggers I already follow. I have followed them on twitter and subscribed to email updates and followed their blogs on WordPress if I can. There is a lot of wonderful blogs out there and I can not wait to make them my regular reads. Which leads me to my next topic. How does everyone organize all the blogs they follow? As i just stated there is twitter, email, rss feeds, google friend connect, bloglovin’, facebook and unfortunately the list goes on and on. Stumbleupon, tumblr, google+, aye aye. I follow a few with google friend connect but be honest, i have no idea what it is or where i go to find it. Same with RSS, i have NO clue what it is and what it does. All of it is a bit overwhelming and i can’t seem to find one place where all my blogs can be collected. Depending on who’s using what host, the options vary. I do like that all the wordpress blogs can be followed and collected on my own dashboard and I can check them all at once, but like i said, if they are not hosted by WordPress, thats not an option.

I thought i could start a folder in my inbox so all the blog updates will go to that folder, because again, when i log in to check my emails, i’ll get like 178 various emails at once and it makes me so nervous that i just start deleting and say i’ll read the next one. So there needs to be a way to clean that up or that system is clearly made to fail.

I want to start working on a blogroll for my own site but to do that I want to add only blogs I read faithfully and are worth reading. This is the way I have collected the blogs I am now currently reading the most. I went to the blogroll of one of my favorites and just went through them all signing up for the connections. I think this is a great way for newbies like me to get into the circle and I think its a great way for newbies, and oldies, to get noticed. I do want to give a big HUGE thank you out to Cait at for adding me to her blogroll. My eyes almost popped out of my head when i was casually going down the list and came accross my own name. I think i was dizzy with excitement!! I completely admire the courage it takes for all these bloggers to put their finances out there for all to see and judge.

Anyways, this is what Im working on. It feels so good to finally have found the direction I want to for this blog. This is an area I am passionate about and an area I am totally interested in. It goes hand in hand with my current theme of family, finance and fun. It allows me to keep focusing on my family (living within our means), finance (speaks for itself) and fun (this IS fun for me along with all the other hobbies I dabble in). I have so much to learn, and i can’t wait.


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