My top 20 TV shows

8 Apr

Top TV shows that I watch consistently:

  1. Seinfeld – I never watched this show during its original run, but once i started i had to watch it all. I wrote about my addiction for these first 2 shows earlier so refer to that to learn more about my addiction and why Im slightly troubled by it.
  2. Friends – This show makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I’ve seen it. This is a classic in my opinion.
  3. The Big Bang Theory – The first season of this show had me hooked. They are clever with the writing and so subtle yet so obnoxious with Sheldon.
  4. The Amazing Race – By far the best “reality” out there. No side shows, all about the competition and individuals reactions to stress. Plus you get a glimpse at parts of the world I’ll probably never travel to.
  5. Mike and Molly – cute and funny. Love this girl from bridesmaids and love her here as well.
  6. Raising Hope – Roseanne for this century. Poor people have interesting lives too.
  7. Criminal Minds – Why i watch this I still don’t know. I have a HUGE fear of darkness, being alone and this doesn’t help. The only way I can watch this is to PVR and watch Sunday mornings at 11 when I know there are good people out there going to church.
  8. Bomb Girls – love the war time feeling of this drama. Can feel the oppression in the women and you cant help but empathize with the pain of their day.
  9. How I met Your Mother – Funny yet starting to get over done. Tell us who she is and develop the bond until marriage already!
  10. The View – losing its appeal. Loved it when it was more controversial but now the political banter is too predictable. Much like most of Americans.
  11. Ellen – There are not enough ways to describe this lady. When i need a pick me up, she’s my girl, but I really believe she will be the Oprah of the future.
  12. 2 Broke Girls – This is the Sex and the City of sitcoms. The writing is so raunchy i wouldn’t dare watch it in the background while my kids were awake. Having said that, the writing pushes boundaries with its innuendos and plays on words. Its fresh, edgy and trashy and I can’t get enough of it.
  13. Whitney – This show makes me laugh at the sarcastic nature of its humor. While sometimes they try to hard to get the point, I have found myself repeating the episode to others the next day, so its humor is lasting.
  14. Revenge – This show had me hooked from the first episode as well. While the whole idea that they wouldn’t recognize this girl is a little far fetched to me, the darkness and cunning side of Emily Thorne is portrayed very well. The storyline is grabbing and leaves you wondering who will suffer next.
  15. New Girl – When I first started watching this I will admit, the quirkiness of Jess was a little hard to believe in, but as you get to know her she becomes less annoying even more quirky than originally thought. Love her roommates as well.
  16. Survivor – I know, I know, is there anyone who still watches this show? well, I do, and no matter how much i hate the fact that I do, I just can’t seem to quit watching. Truth be told, I even participated in a twitter chat one night about it. aye, aye, please end this show for me!
  17. Sister Wives – not currently on right now, but I love this show. The relationships between the women are real and thats what interests me about this show more so than the issue of polygamy.
  18. Glee – thought i was over it till the PVR kept going and I had a spare 2 hours one day to catch up on the last three episodes. I wish my life would break out in song and correographed dance just once.
  19. CSI – original. After watching criminal minds, the story is light and too easily solved but enjoy it for the most part.
  20. Big Brother – again a seasonal show, but when i think summertime, i think Big Brother. Childish, braindead, thank the bank its not me in that house summertime viewing when nothing else is on.

although there are other shows that I would love to watch faithfully, i have a hard enough time watching all this. I usually PVR them all and watch some during regular scheduled time and when we are in a flash of reruns over breaks, i catch up on the others. Some i save all the season for summertime when nothing else is on.

Did i miss anyones favorite show?


2 Responses to “My top 20 TV shows”

  1. kjficker April 9, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Yes! Modern Family is the best comedy out there, I keep telling you to add it to your PVR list. You won’t regret it!

    • myjampackedlife April 9, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      Thats funny you should say that. Its one of those shows that I have PVR’d all season and will watch in summer. Im sure next year it will be on my list of favorites because i hear nothing but good things about it.

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