April so far…

5 Apr

For those who are interested, the interview was actually quite good. It was set up in 4 mini interviews. A bell would ring every 2 minutes and every 5 minutes. At the 2 minute bell, you would read the question and think about how you were going to answer. The next bell would ring and you would go sit down in front of the interviewer and give your response following a STAR method. Situation, Tasks, Actions and Results.

The interview questions were designed to give them a feel for how you handle stress, problem solving, team work and time management. I left feeling ok about it all, but when i saw all these young kids in there I have to admit, it made me really nervous. These young, fresh faced, eager students, ready to get out there in the world and absorb everything they will be taught. They have nothing on the sidelines, nothing to distract their focus, and here I am, just full of distractions, outside obligations and commitments. This will be a challenge for me for sure, but one if given the chance, I will take on and do my best.

For now, Im REALLY enjoying my time at home. I have pictures to post of what I have been up to even!! I have

My tagged pile of toysspent this past week going through my kids clothes and toys and cleaning things up, deciding what to sell, what to donate. I have signed up to be a consigner at the OUTGROW,OUTPLAY sale happening again this April and have 3 plus boxes of toys tagged and ready to go. I have a huge pile of clothes tagged and ready to go as well and an equal amount that is ready to be donated to the local clothing drive and garage sale. It feels GREAT to have gotten through all that.

My baby’s second bday is today, so I made rainbow cakes in jars as well. Something else new and took a little bit more time than I had planned but I still got it done.Im loving putting her to bed in my arms 2 times a day. She’s a great kid with tons of smiles and entertainment for me. This brings up some painful issues from the past with my oldest daughter with regards to post partum depression..but I will post more on that another day.

I have painted 2 bathrooms!! yes, 2 bathrooms and now I will move onto my bedroom. I was going to do the
laundry room as well and have all 3 bathrooms done, but I just need a break from all those knooks and crannies that are in a bathroom. Aye, aye. So my next project will be straight walls, with only a door and 2 huge windows to paint around.

I have also finished up whatever minutes were outstanding for the committee, organized all my manuals in a box in the storage room instead of all over the house in various places, making it almost impossible to find one when you need it. I’ve also signed up for another class online.

Future plans for April include organizing cookbooks, washing walls, and doing some baking for the freezer. I also have 2 dance competition weekends that will use up my last 2 weekends in April. One is out of town so it involves an overnite stay and the other is here in town and requires volunteer time of 24 hours total.

It never ends, working outside the home or working inside the home, there is just never enough hours in a day. Have a great Easter everyone. I would love to hear how you all spent the day and the activities you planned for the kids.


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