Twinkle, Twinkle Little Car

1 Apr

I was just reading a post over at about her car and their connection. It made me think about how much I have been thinking about me and my own car as of late. The back history is that when I bought my car I was a commuter to a job roughly one hour each way. We spent a lot of time together and i know this car inside and out. I know what makes her tick and I know what her ticks mean. Having a mechanic for a husband has allowed this car to be in really good shape despite her age of 15(what???) years. She gets regular maintenance work done and has only had a handful of minor problems suprisisngly.

Anyway, the reason I have been thinking about these time together is that I could possibly be spending a lot of time in this car once again if things fall into place and I am accepted into the course I have applied for. We will be back to traveling day and night, 2 hours a day. The thought of all this time spent away from my family is somewhat comforted knowing that I will be riding in the familiarity of my old friend. That’s weird isn’t it? well, I suppose maybe I am just looking to find some normalcy in this crazy mixed up world of mine right now.

One day I hope to be able to purchase a new vehicle that will more suit my current lifestyle of 3 kids and all the taxiing that entails. I know that when I set out on that journey, talking to other people about what vehicle has been good to them will play a huge factor in my decision. To be honest, if i walked into a car dealership today, the only thing I would be looking at it the price. I have a slight idea what I would be looking for in terms of seating, heating and accessories, but what I really want to know about is which vehicles have been dependable and reliable, have stood up to the muddy boot bashing of Saskatchewan springs and what vehicles can endure the trek of Saskatchewan winters. Because at the end of the day, if I have 3 kids and equipment to shuffle around from town to town, I just want to make sure we are all getting back home.

So for the next couple of years, I will continue the ride in my beloved yet unnamed Chevrolet Cavalier (CC, hey we just found her a name!), always looking over the horizon towards my next vehicle purchase. And of course, for deer!


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