The next step

1 Apr

Tomorrow is a big day for me!! I have my entrance interview for the course I have applied to!!

I have been googling like crazy the type of questions I may be asked and what I should be answering. I feel pretty confident that I have a good understanding of what they will ask and am confident I have the answers they will be looking for. The one question I hate being asked is “tell me about yourself”, and unfortunately, this is a question that has repeatedly popped up in my searches. Why should this question be so hard to answer? Surely if there is anyone who knows me, its me, right? I just don’t know where to begin and once i begin, where do i end?

The interview is slated for 12:49 and should last approximately 45 minutes. I am to arrive 15 minutes early at check in at room 212 office block window 10. When this was all set up, it felt like one of those supsense thriller movies. Turn right at the left arrow, then go down the up elevator and run down the hallway entering the 4th door on the 3rd floor. There must be important people going to be there asking me important questions for all that jazz.

I received the call about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t told anyone about my interview except for my husband, his sister and the friend that has long encouraged me to pursue this path. I just didn’t need any extra pressure and questioning about it before I was ready and prepared.  There is alot riding on this interview tomorrow, the weight of my kids worlds to be exact, so any extra pressure I just can’t handle right now. As nervous as I am for tomorrow, i know that once i walk out of that interview, i will have done everything that I can and the rest is up to them.

The devastating news of losing my current job is slowly beginning to feel like its not so devastating. I’ve had many people reach out to me through this blog offering words of encouragement and support and for that I am very grateful. Writing is very therapeutic for me and I look forward to continuing with the blog sharing the results with you all when I hear.

Wish me luck, guys!!


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