Did I really write about this?

23 Mar

Let’s get serious for a minute…

Today I was people watching and once again I found some interesting things i just have to talk about.

What end do you peel a banana? How do you peel your orange? I never knew there were so many ways to do these simple tasks. Yet today alone I have seen someone open a banana from what I call the bottom, which they obviously call the top. To me the stem is the top, you fold it over nicely, it snaps and there you have your banana started. Not so for everyone I guess!
When I peel an orange I usually bite into the side to display a flap which I then stick my thumb into and use my thumb to peel the rest of the skin back. When I peel a christmas orange, I stuck my thumb through the centre and pull out the tab and again use my thumb to peel. Today I saw a lady use her index finger, middle finger and fourth finger to go around the orange and slowly peel it back. It was a painstakingly slow process that almost put me to sleep. But I tell you, she had the whole orange cleaned of any excess rind and read to eat, by the time she was done. I have seen people use a peeler to score the skin in such detailed patterns that I really had no choice but to make that my normal way of doing it now too. It was genius and I get people all the time asking me what I am doing to my orange. I love that. It makes people think I’m so smart. Or weird. But I prefer to think smart.

Imagine my surprise when I googled “how to correctly peel a banana” and I was presented with this video. Perhaps I’m the one who doesn’t know what is going on in this world. Does everyone but me use the base? Come on, now I’m truly scared to google ” how to peel an orange”.


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