Proud momma

22 Mar

Today was a great day in our house. The kids had parent teacher interviews and they received very good comments from both their teachers.
My middle child can be somewhat of a handful at times, however, in the last few months we have noticed her maturity level has increased so we were anxious to see if that was showing through at school as well. Thankfully her teacher mirrored our thoughts. she said she still needs to work on being nice to people especially when they aren’t interested doing what se wants. other than that, she has noticed improvements in her concentration and focus and she has started to piece words together which is the basis of reading. My daughter was grinning ear to ear at her teachers comments. she was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her too.
My oldest has always been given really good reviews so we don’t expect anything less. This year his teacher told us he was a model student. Well, what more can a parent ask for. He tries hard in school, works ahead in his workbook and doesn’t disrupt the class. We were very proud of him as well.
I bought them pizza for supper to show our appreciation for them behaving so well at school. It is a big help for us to not have to worry about them at school both academically and socially. It gives s peace of mind and allows us to focus on work when we are working and other activities after work. I thought they needed to know how important it is to me for them to be responsible individuals.
I was so proud to call these kids mine today. I can’t wait to watch them grow into the amazing people i know they will become.


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