A whole new world

13 Mar

Wow! Im learning quite quickly and quite slowly actually how this blogosphere is working. I love to read blogs, I love to follow people, and Im slowly but surely coming around to all the forms of social media out there. Im absolutely loving having my own blog. I love to try out different templates, set up different pages and fiddle around with the widgets. All of this is new to me and Im loving learning about it all and all the code words out there. I’m loving the writing so much more than I could  have imagined. A secret – when I was a child, i wanted to grow up to be a writer. Now in this small way, Im writing and people are reading!

Last night I was playing with my twitter account and was wondering how I’ve got 43 followers before I even started this blog. I always sit there and stare at the page and wonder “who should I follow?”. Since noone immediately ever comes to mind, I usually leave twitter and move onto something else. Last night something clicked for me. I realized that the people who are following me are there because, A – I’ve followed them, and B – they were referred to my site by a comment I left on someone else’s blog or twitter account. Suddenly it dawned on me, if I follow people, maybe they will follow me back. So I sat down and went through the list of people I follow, and found out who was following them. If people looked interesting, I followed them. I spent about 1 hour doing this. When I woke up this morning, I had a ton of new people now following me! Then it dawned on me, so this is how it works. This is how we connect in cyberspace. Im so happy Im learning all these new things!

I no doubt have alot of miles to make up in catching up to the blogging lifestyle but Im excited and looking forward to learning a little everyday and continuing with my blogging.

Thanks to everyone who is following me and welcome to all my newbies!!





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