Daily Moment of Awesome

9 Mar

Has anyone ever read the Book of Awesome? or any of its sequels. I read the original and ever since when I find myself in an “awesome” moment I’ll stop and take not of it. For those of you not familiar with the book, it started when someone decided to keep track of those glorious little moments that seem to happen from time to time. They can range from seeing something, feeling something, hearing something…anything. Tonite my Moment of Awesome was after I had just put the kids in their rooms to go to bed for the night. I made my way to my room shutting off all the lights in the house along the way. The house was dark and as i shut the door behind me in my room, there was one second where there was complete silence. AHHHH!!!! In a house with 3 kids and me and my husband, complete silence almost never happens. For one split second, before the TV was turned on or before i turned on my iPad, there was nothing. I loved it.

From now on I will share my Moments of Awesome when they happen and encourage you to take note of those little things that happen or moments in time and record them. It really is the little things that matter.



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