Brier Patch, B*&$^h

9 Mar

I am so excited for tonite!! I have a hot date planned with all my besties. We are all going in to saskatoon to enjoy a draw at the Tim Hortons Brier and then head over to the Brier patch and have a few drinks and visit. We have all known each other since we were young, some of us still live in the same town, some have moved away, but we still try to get together a few times a year as a whole group. These are the best times of my life with these girls. We have such a good time no matter what we do. We can all just get together and sit around and visit and it would all be the same, but tonite we have chosen to go see the game and stick around after.

The sitter is lined up, kids are freshly napped and ready to play, and mom is wearing her nice clothes as she heads out the door. Dad will relieve the sitter after work and make sure they all get tucked neatly into bed. I will come home in time for a few hours of sleep before we’re up early to take J to the last hockey game of the season. So for these brief 6 hours, I will be able to feel young and free again. I will laugh with my girls till our stomachs and sides ache. I truly value the friendships I have with all these girls but I also am so grateful for our outtings like this. When I come home, i feel recharged and have renewed strength and patience. Bring on the night!!!



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