26 Feb

When i was pregnant with my third, i prayed for another little girl. I never had the luxury of growing up with a sister, but I had many friends who did and I longed for that connection. I have pretty amazing friends whom I  call my sisters, but the reality is, they aren’t my blood. They don’t know the secret workings of my family, no matter how much I share with them. They have their own life histories and experiences that I will never be privy to. Same as me. I have a brother, but we are not close and even then, its not the same as a sister. Someone who “really” gets you. So i was thrilled when I had my second daughter because I knew I had just handed my oldest daughter the gift of a lifetime. Literally.

And she knew it. When i brought Macey home, she ran over to me gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear “Is it REALLY a girl??”. Right from day one, she was smitten with her baby sister. She loved playing with her like a doll, making her watch her play, helping to take care of her. She had a friend to play with all the time, and for my middle, that was the best part. She loves having friends around or anyone that will sit and watch her, play with her and just be interested in what she is doing. Macey does that for her. She idolizes her big sister. If Annica is out of the house at school, an activity, or playing with friends, Macey asks every 2 minutes where she is and when she’s coming home. When Annica has friends over, Macey tags alongside and watches everything they do, tries to participate and mimicks their play. Annica always lets her tag along, forever being the big sister. She helps her with whatever she needs help with, teaches her how to do things, and laughs at her silliness. She protects her from others and sticks up for her if she needs it. She’s a great big sister and Macey is a great little sister. Not to say that they don’t ever fight or tire of each other, but for the most part they are friends and truly enjoy each others company. I love watching them play and wonder how their story will play out.

For now, they make me smile as i watch them develop what i hope will be a lifelong friendship. Sisters are a blessing to those who have them. Im very excited for my girls to be sisters.


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