AAHHHH, I’ve turned into my parents, again!!

26 Feb

One of my most annoying memories of being young is my parents obsession with the TV show MASH. I used to sit through it with them and not get any of it and not think any of it was funny. As I got older and MASH went off the air, my parents would watch and tape reruns. No matter what else was on, they turned to MASH and they would laugh and laugh. I remember thinking, geesh there has got to be something else to watch, you watch this all the time?? How can this STILL be funny after the 100th time watching? When the DVD’s came out, yup, they bought them and watch them all the time. In Fact, my dad takes them camping and watches an episode before bed every night.

Well, now fast forward to years later and my obsession with Friends and Seinfeld. Its the exact same pattern repeating itself. I turn on the TV and scroll through the bizillion channels we have nowadays and the only thing I’m looking for is a rerun of Friends or Seinfeld. If that isn’t bad enough, I also have bought a few seasons of each on DVD and if i can’t find one on to watch, I’ll put in the DVD and watch them. And i laugh to myself, out loud, no less. I laugh like I’ve never seen it before and what happened was new. What is going on? HOW did this happen? I just never understood why they can’t watch something else, and I still don’t get why I can’t either. I’m not sure if its the familiarity of the characters or that i can watch mindlessly and not have to guess what is coming, but these are comforting shows to me. It doesn’t drive me crazy that I enjoy these shows so much, it just drives me crazy that now I have to admit they were on to something. Not to say neither of us  has picked up many new worthy shows over the years, we have, but somehow these shows are what we always come back to. Maybe its the connection to our younger days or our “first love” of TV. I don’t know, but I just can’t seem to get over it!!

For now, i just have to accept that, for whatever reason,  this is indeed another way that I am turning into my parents.


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