My First Wordless Wednesday….

16 Feb

Babes and Books..melts my heart everytime i see it.

I know its wordless wednesday and pictures are supposed to say it all, but i had a moment today that took my breath away and left me wordless.

I came home from my daughters piano lesson and my son came walking out of his room. He had an embarrassed look on his face and when i asked him what he was doing he said “nothing”. I left it at that and later that afternoon while i was making supper, he came up to me and asked if i wanted to know what he was doing in his room, so i said “sure?”. He told me he was praying..and i couldn’t speak. My grandmother in heaven must be beaming right now. She was old school and religion and church were very dear to her, and while I don’t go to church regularly, or hardly at all, i still hold those value in my heart and know I will actively return to them one day. This moment made me feel her presence and left me speechless, if only for a moment.


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