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14 Feb

Finally, I’ve made it here. I was having some troubles with the site name, the email address i provided at login and issues with the email account itself. But finally, I got everything figured out and here I am. In the blogging world!!! YAY!!

I was lucky enough to get an ipad for christmas and have been absolutely loving it. I seriously don’t know how i got along without it. I had a weekend off hockey (my son came down with the flu friday night) so i was able to spend a few hours saturday just playing around with it and checking out some recommended apps. I came upon an app that allowed me to watch the latest eipsode of TV shows from a particular station whenever i choose. I was able to catch up on a few shows that for whatever reason, my PVR had missed. The episodes on the ipad were commercial free. This lead me to thinking, between my ipad and my PVR, i think its been over a year since I’ve actually had to sit through commercials in a TV program. So now I am wondering, with technology changing how it is, are commercials being watched by many these days? Do advertisers realize just how many of us are PVR’ing shows and skipping through commercials, do the television studios realize it?

And what about those ratings numbers we are always hearing about. I have 3 young children in my house so the TV isn’t set to “my” channel until after they go to bed. At that point, i don’t have time to waste searching for a specific program at a specific time, so I turn to my PVR whose been working hard taping all the shows I am interested in watching. Once I’ve tucked all the kids into bed, I will usually sit down and watch 2 shows that I’ve recorded. Lucky for me because if I was watching in real time, with commercials, I would only have time for one. So I often wonder how accurate those ratings numbers are. I would bet that for every 1 person sitting down to watch a show in an allotted time slot, there are 3, maybe more, who’ve set some sort of device to record it to watch at a later time, while still another 2 more who will end up watching it later, somewhere online, before the week is over. And that depends a lot on the time slot as well. I would think the earlier a show is on, when people are running around with activities or young children are still awake, those numbers would be higher.

Now with the addition of my new IPad app, i don’t need to even be home to watch the latest show. I don’t need to wait till the kids have gone to bed and I am getting tired myself. Whenever I’ve got 5 minutes to kill in between the driving and waiting for activities, I will be able to stay on top of my favorite shows anywhere anytime!

Not only are commercials, in my opinion, going to become less effective, I would also be interested in knowing if those rating numbers have changed and been updated at all with the recent change in technology. With the start of new programs in the fall, those rating numbers are crucial, but I’m often left wondering how accurate. It seems some shows aren’t  given a fighting chance, yet I’ll watch a daytime talk show (PVR’d of course), and they will be interviewing someone from some show I’ve never even heard of that is doing GREAT in the ratings.

For now, with the addition of my new IPad app, my life has become a little less complicated once again and for that I am thankful even one more time for my IPad.



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